Rebekah Mitchell

Rebekah was totally involved in many activities in high school and college. She was enthusiastic and engaged. She had a deep love for writing, and wrote poems and short stories for friends and family. She excelled at everything she did. She was dedicated to her life and the community she lived in, but when she was twenty five, Rebekah’s life changed dramatically. She found out through startling circumstances and conclusive evidence that she has bipolar disorder.

The medical community put her on so many medications at first that she felt like she was “being held underwater trying to breathe through a straw.” She struggled. It was then that she met Jesus in a real way. Her undeniable love for the Lord and life lifted her out of the despondencies that had weighed her down. She plans a book about her disorder: Diary of a Crazy Lady: Looking for a Reason to Live or a Way to Die (Upcoming Books below). Rebekah wants to encourage those who have the disorder and educate others to its possibilities and battles in a creative way.

Once she got a handle on her illness, Rebekah began to write faith-based short stories for preteens (ages 10-12). That was the age with which she had the most experience. She was so excited when she had written ten stories, she wanted to celebrate. But there was nothing to hold them together. She felt as if she was at a dead end. The stories were, indeed, just for her. But one day she sat in front of a blank computer screen and prayed very hard to know what to do with her stories. As she sat and prayed, she was stunned when the Lord impressed on her mind the Table of Contents for Shadow of His Wings. It started with “Without God.”