Rebekah Mitchell

She was totally bewildered. She could not figure out at first how that would work. Then she realized “Productive Fear” is about a young boy, Mark, who is concerned about a friend who is making fun of God. Tony does not believe in God anymore. When he was young, his mother took him and his sisters to church, bought them Bibles, and saw to it that they went to Sunday school. Then his mother did something Tony felt was completely unforgivable. He can’t seem to talk about it, but his friend Mark gets him to open up and leads him back to the Lord. The story tells why Tony was “Without God.”

After that there is “Starting to Notice God," “Accepting God,” "Learning More About God," "Trusting God," "Obeying God," etc. The inspiration went all the way to “Resting in Jesus.” Each story fell into a category. There were ten divisions, and she had ten stories. She was surprised and amazed. She was so motivated, that she quickly wrote ten more stories and Shadow of His Wings was born.

Rebekah published her book with the help of WestBow Press. They gave her an editor (the first professional to see her writing); put her book with on-line retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble; supplied her with business cards, bookmarks and postcards all with a logo of her beautiful book cover, which they designed. They gave her space on their website for an overview, a free preview, and information on her as an author. They even got her a copyright. She was delighted.

Then Rebekah discovered that for very little cost, she could have a website of her own. She was delighted and has had many favorable comments from people who have visited. She has enjoyed creating and tweaking her website and hopes people will continue to enjoy the information here. She even has a section of her favorite Scriptures.

Upcoming Books

ABIDING IN THE LIGHT: Another collection of faith-based long and short stories for 'tweens. Some of the divisions in the book are LOVING, WEEPING, FORGIVING, PRAYING, RELATING, PLAYING. Some of the titles are as follows: Listening With Your Heart, Marion and Her Deception, Fizzie, A Kiss on the Cheek, Jason's Love (Letters From Camp), and To a Special Friend.

VALLEY OF THE SHADOW: A little different from her first two, this book is based partially on experiences and stories of people the author knows. Some of the information was gleaned while she was working as a volunteer for United Hospice. The author is still collecting information for this book. The stories will be fictional in nature.

DIARY OF A CRAZY LADY: LOOKING FOR A REASON TO LIVE OR A WAY TO DIE: This book will be autobiographical in nature. It is derived from actual diary entries from Rebekah's old diaries. The book is about her battle with bipolar disorder. She believes that the illness has been much maligned on TV and in books. Rebekah has been fortunate to have had wonderul help with her disorder. She has a faith-based response to her problem.

MESSAGES FROM A BABY CHRISTIAN: This is a collection of quotes, verses, and passages from the Bible which Rebekah shared with friends and close associates through emails ranging from 10 words to 300 or more. She wrote six days a week using Verse of the Day from Bible Gateway, GodVine, and and a personal seek and search method. The more people she added to her register, the more suggestions to create a book immerged. She finally decided to put her emails into one volume and admit her understanding was limited. She continues to get comments which encourage her to complete this work. She used Webster's dictionary, concordances, Bible dictionaries and a host of Bibles. It was a labor of love. Her sister came to visit from Minnesota and saw her in action as she prepared her message one day. Rebekah was flying around the room checking verses and definitions. Her sister said, with something like awe, "You really do get into your writing! You almost make it look like fun!" I replied, "It is fun! I really get into my work!"

Writing and Publishing